Lava Stone Bracelet

  • lava stone bracelets
  • lava stone bracelets
  • lava stone bracelets


When it comes to healing stones, lava stone bracelets are among the most popular for emotional support and stress relief.  You may have noticed this black, porous stone wrapped around someone’s wrist, particularly men. Because of its raw and intense energy, lava stone bracelets have always been associated with masculine energy.  According to Native American lore, fighters would wear a piece of lava stone mineral when going to battle as they believed it would give them strength and courage.  Even though it has a special connection with male energy, black lava beaded bracelets are unisex, and anyone can benefit from their incredibly grounding, soothing, and healing properties.

Many people choose to wear lava stones on bracelets around their wrists during the day, and some will keep their jewelry close to them at night as well to maximize the benefits of the stones.

Since most lava stones are soft and easy to scratch or break, they require a great deal of care if they are to last for any significant amount of time.  The only good way to clean most lava stones is to use warm and mild soap water with a soft piece of cloth.  Detergents of moderate toxicity will almost always harm and damage the stone, affecting its color and quality.  Additionally, their softness also means that storing them next to other pieces of jewelry is very risky and ill-advised.  Other gemstones will very often scratch lava stones so keep them separated.  Also, avoid playing sports or partaking in intensive physical activity with lava stone jewelry.  Instead, take the jewelry off first as it’s very easily damaged.

Available as single item OR a bundle of 3!

Colors Available:  Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, Purple, & Red.