Calming and Relaxation Blend

  • calming and relaxation blend
  • All natural, organic skincare products for a healthy lifestyle
  • All natural, organic skincare products for a healthy lifestyle


  • Materials: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lavender Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
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Our Calming and Relaxation Blend is the way to look for a natural remedy to help you relax? Use essential oils in a 10mL roller bottle to reduce stress and anxiety so you can calm down after a busy day with family or a stressful meeting at work.

The effects of stress can be damaging to your body, especially chronic stress. Stress hits everyone from time-to-time, it is a natural physical and mental result to life experiences.  Chronic stress can cause several symptoms and affect your overall wellness.  Some symptoms include irritability, anxiety, depression, headaches, and insomnia. Diffusing essential oils can help with calming the nervous system and uplifting emotions.

Our fresh lavender scent is profoundly soothing, calming, and acts like a sedative – for adults and infants alike. Our Calming & Relaxation Blend can be massaged directly to the skin to improve sleep quality, decrease anxiety, put you in a more stable mood, and boost concentration. When inhaled, it will slow the nervous system (to make you less restless), improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and reduce agitation.

Part of our Roller Blend Bundle (6)