Linen Spray

  • all natural pillow mist
  • All natural, organic skincare products for a healthy lifestyle


  • Materials: Purified Water, Lemongrass Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Witch Hazel
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Our Linen Spray blend uses customized choices for your essential oil preferences, which gives you more control of your needs and your general sense of well-being. This pure blend of therapeutic essential oils enhances the restorative effects of health and wellness through your sense of smell. Its soothing fragrance eases your mind for a much more comfortable and relaxed environment.

This spray is lightly misted on your sheets, bedding, Closets, Car, pillows, and more! Bring out your favorite scent, and calm your mind for a moment. It also encourages the production of melatonin (Lavender essential oil) in our bodies, which is responsible for promoting restful sleep.  It is also excellent during work, just spritz 3 to 4 times on the floor beneath your chair, and breathe happy.  Variety of fragrances available to personalize your product.

Non-staining. Can be used on any fabric or cloth surface.
Allow fabric to dry prior to contact.
Breathe happy for best results.

Available in 4oz Bottles