Beard Oil

all natural beard oil for men
  • all natural beard oil for men
  • all natural men's beard oil


  • Materials: Jojoba Oil, Liquid Coconut Oil, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Lavender
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Beard oil is a specially formulated oil, designed to be applied to your beard, stubble or other forms of facial hair to keep it soft, hydrated and healthy.  Our Beard Oil is made from Jojoba and Coconut Oil which acts as natural skin softener.  The jojoba oil penetrates the skin to nourish and hydrate the cells of your face, leaving skin plump, smooth, and fresh!  Tea tree oil allows hair to grow properly and stay healthy.  Cedarwood oil is added for a tough, manly scent and the lavender oil helps soothe skin irritations as well as adds a calming, soothing aspect.

The best time to apply beard oil is right after you get out of the shower.  Your beard will be its cleanest and the pores of your skin will have opened up nicely.  Gently towel dry your beard before applying oil but leave it slightly damp. You don’t want to apply oil when your beard is too wet.

The first steps in applying beard oil are pouring the oil in your hand and then applying it to your beard.  In most cases, less is more when it comes to beard oil. Also, remember that oil doesn’t evaporate like water. Applying too much of it may lead to dripping and unwanted embarrassment. That said, if you’re using beard oil for the first time – or first few times – apply a small amount at first and then use more only after you’ve become adept at applying it. When you’ve applied enough oil, your beard will feel softer and fully-coated.

How often to apply beard oil is sometimes a matter of personal preference.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with applying it every day.  Most experts encourage daily use to help keep your beard as healthy and attractive as possible.  And here’s another thing – you can even it apply it to your hair and neck (and other areas of your skin).  One of beard oil’s many benefits is that it helps keep your skin healthy.

Available in 2-oz bottle with dropper