Foaming Hand Soaps
Bath Bombs
Bath Soaks


Alternative Medicine Blends:
Allergy, Respiration,
Pain Relief, Calming & More!


Air Fresheners
Hand Sanitizers
Linen Sprays

& More!

Lip Balms
Lava Stone Bracelets
Insect Repellents

Pure Solutions Co takes every precaution to see that your product is made to perfection. Each order is custom made for you. All our products are handmade and prepared with delicacy. Our 100% plant based formula is distributed with over a decade of experience, knowledge, and love.  We enjoy it from start to finish and hope you will do the same.

Pure Solutions Co uses only the purest of essential oils. Sustainably sourced and tested for quality and purity standards. The oils are rigorously tested by third party representatives. A portion of the money is given back to the region in which the plant was harvested for the essential oil itself. Giving back to their communities and families for a responsible and healthier future.