Bath Bomb Bundle

  • bath bomb bundle


Bath Bomb Bundle by Pure Solutions Co offers an organic, vegan option that will get you ready to relax!  Whether you need a relaxing soak or skin hydration, this bath bomb will get you silky smooth.  A blend of therapeutic essential oils release relaxing yet fragrant scents into the air to help you relax.  Your skin will be nourished and supple, bringing out your natural glow.  

To Use:  Once you have filled the tub to your liking, turn the water off.  Always put the bath bomb in the water after the tub is full.  As soon as the bath bomb enters the water, it will start to bubble and fizz.  Over time, the bath bomb will start to break apart and dissolve, thus allowing all the beneficial oils to be released into the bath water.  Leaves no stain or residue. It is vegan, gluten free, organic, kid safe, handmade, and natural!

Bath bombs will keep their solid form as long as they are kept in a dry environment; however the fresher a bath bomb is, the more it will fizz when you drop it into the bathtub.  If you wait too long to use it, it will not fizz as much.

Your order comes with 3 bath bombs of various colors!