Immune Boosting Blend

  • immune boosting pain relief blend
  • All natural, organic skincare products for a healthy lifestyle
  • All natural, organic skincare products for a healthy lifestyle


  • Materials: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Clove, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
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As it starts getting colder, you don’t have to spend your days sniffling and coughing, especially if you work on boosting your immune system.  The biggest mistake people make is trying to boost their immune system AFTER they have already gotten sick.  Boosting your immune system requires you to consistently make healthier efforts in order to delay, prevent, or lessen the effects if you do get sick.

Our unique blend incorporates clove and rosemary which are helpful for respiratory issues and to help fight infections as well as colds or flus.  Wild Orange enhances our blend with a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma.  Use in a dehumidifier or diffuser to uplift mood and energy levels and to freshen the air.

Applying this blend to the bottom of the feet and along the spine are the recommended ways to apply for boosting your immune system.  You can use this blend when you feel the slightest hint that you may be coming down with something to help support your immune system.  Apply or inhale every hour or two if you’re starting to feel like you need a little support.  During stressful times of the year (cold and cough season), you can use it as a preventative measure and apply daily – even when you’re feeling fine.

Part of our Roller Blend Bundle (3) AND (6)